Hayes Towers Corporate Headquarters

814 Marietta St.
South Bend, IN 46601

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Turnkey: Site Selection and Aquisition, Engineering, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance
Privately Owned, Locally Maintained
A communications base, central South Bend location
Towers within Indiana and Michigan
Accountability matters. It matters in every relationship Hayes Towers enters. Accountability guides our efforts and our decisions - building long term, respected client relations. Your decision to collocate with Hayes Towers guarantees our suitable and timely solutions to your needs, our "no surprises" time and budget management, and our rapid and personal customer service - all the things for which we are proud to be accountable.
As a regional company, our proximity to each of our towers guarantees both our familiarty with the local challenges, and our focused responsiveness in addressing them.

30 years of experience with all manner of clients, allows our team to confidently and quickly navigate the process and deliver your needs on time and on budget.

Hayes is a trusted name, built on a long-standing history of quality solutions, respected client relationships, and responsiveness to community and local governments alike.